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    Last Thursday evening November 1, 2018 I got a visit from my cousin Andrew Parker also known to me as "Couvs" which originates from our fathers being brothers who were known to visit each other upon saying hey "Brovus."  Couvs presented me with an odd brown bag, he said "this was our grandfather's - Charles he had passed it onto my Dad, Jamo."  It was a Ball Peen Hammer about 14" inches in length, with a worn brown wood handle, and aged brown heavy hammer head.  "Our Grandfather used this to HammerOn things, shaping and making things, and the hammer is still here today." 

Couvs then said "this was your Uncle Jamo's he had passed it onto me."  It was a Framing Hammer about 16 inches in length, with a black rubber handle and worn white metal hammer head.  "Jamo used this to HammerOn things, especially ripping things apart with the claw and you always knew it was his hammer because he inscribed the word Parker in the head."  "Take these two hammers, symbolic from the people that came before you to hammer on."
    Rewind one month to my first day of Chemo, October 12, 2018 I brought some paper to sketch out what the logo could be for HammerOn.  I worked through a number of ideas, but I began to settle on two hammers one longer than the other crossed on each other.  At the hammer heads, the negative space that formed between them formed the shape of a heart - perhaps one hammer represented me, the caner patient, the other presented anyone that cares, supports and cheers me on,  together at heart.
Interestingly as I sat their crying with my Covus, two hammers in hand rooted in love, it all came full circle.  Something that I had made in sketch shared with know one except my Guardian Angel, my Dad.  It all came full circle with a surprise visit of two objects of love. 


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Day 0

It was September 12, 2018, there I laid in the Ultrasound office, just me, on the white paper looking at the ceiling, thinking. I already knew. The next day, my mind was racing with multiple thoughts, remembrance of family, history, past images and friends all flowing in and out. I knelt at church crying, full of tears, asking why is all of this in my head. But something happened the days after and when the biopsy confirmed Cancer, I felt my mind leave my body. I would see and feel something off to the right and my attitude changed, my mind started thinking about solutions. Solutions developed over the weeks into things that I could do to keep my attitude positive and my mind going, even if my body didn’t want to respond. I began writing words and phrases surrounding my name on a blank piece of paper. Words can’t really describe it, perhaps it was my Dad, a 16 year Cancer Fighter acting as Heaven Guardian Angel looking over me, communicating to my mind spiritually in a way that as…


It's Tuesday evening, October 23, 2018, the world around me is in the lottery $1.6 billion buzz, while I'm thinking about my next treatment and looking back on Chemo Round 1.  Round 1 started on Friday, October 12, 2018 which was pushed 3 days because I had a stomach virus, yeah so puking before Chemo, how fashionable of me, a friend of mine with Cancer called me an over achiever. 
    As I sat there on Day 1, my head filled with what they call the "Fog" it filled within my head, my arms and fingers, a somewhat tingly feeling all over.  Other than that, I sat there in my chair talking with my wife, looking out the window and carrying on a normal day.  Well, the new normal.  I just have the mindset to put one step in front of each other and HammerOn, if I sit there and sulk it ain't going to get me anywhere.   

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The day had come, Feb 6, 2019 - 5.48pm, my first breast MRI scan since I began my treatment in October 2018 for Stage 3 male breast cancer.  This is what they call the "scan" it's pretty huge for cancer patients as it shows how the cancer is.  I had had trouble with the first scan, getting overly hot as I lay face down wrapped in blankets in an MRI that I didn't lay on my back for.  So I knew going in, I would just be wearing a gown and try to get as much airflow around my head to make me more comfortable.   I had just finished my 14th cumulative chemo about 1 hour before, armed with another IV stuck in my hand right hand for the MRI contrast, I had the technician snap this photo of me standing beside my machine, with my cell phone on the safe zone as no metal is allowed in the room.  I gave the "Thumbs Up" with my left hand. 
   The scan, went great well sort-of, I was definitely cool and had good airflow around my head, so I didn't have to stop the…